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Associação Ashaninka do Rio Amônia Apiwtxa (Apiwtxa)

Dec 14, 2023

The rights of indigenous people in Brazil are often ignored, according to National Geographic. For many groups who live in the Amazon rainforest and experience deforestation and resource exploitation, that often means their ways of life are threatened.

The Ashaninka people of Northwestern Brazil have taken an innovative approach to defending their land and culture. To protect their 87.205-hectare of land, Apiwtxa uses 3D-mapping technology to understand what areas are at risk and where resources should be deployed. The group also uses more old-fashioned methods of conservation. Educational centers throughout the region help to promote respect for indigenous culture and the land and instill a sense of activism into the youth. The group has also developed a robust trading network for non-timber forest products to sustainably harvest the Amazon.