Grass Roots Movements

Climate Justice

Dec 14, 2023

Who are they? A network of groups and individuals from across the globe who are committed to realising socially just and environmentally responsible solutions to the climate crisis.

What do they want? Climate justice in the form of solutions that do not place unreasonable burdens on poor countries and disadvantaged populations, recognizing historical responsibility for the climate crisis.

Key goals of the climate justice movement are to leave fossil fuels in the ground, while investing in appropriate energy efficiency and community-led renewable energy programs; reduction in wasteful consumption; repayment of climate debts from the global North to the global South; compensation for adaptation and mitigation costs – including debt cancellation; rights-based resource conservation; Indigenous land rights and sovereignty; and sustainable agriculture that emphasises food sovereignty.

Who/what are they fighting? Injustices both past and present, and the false solutions proposed by governments, financial institutions and multinational corporations that will only further entrench inequality without significantly impacting emissions.

How do they organise? The movement organises via a network of representatives from the various member groups and organisations who attend strategy meetings and comprise dedicated working groups.

Success stories: The climate justice movement has been given a voice at global climate talks such as the Conference of Parties (COP) negotiations, although its voice clearly lacks the clout of first world governments, financial institutions and powerful corporations.