Grass Roots Movements

Food Sovereignty

Dec 14, 2023

Who are they? A collaborative network of organisations and individuals – largely small-scale food producers and permaculture practitioners – working together towards the goal of food sovereignty for all.

What do they want? A fair, diverse, equitable, resilient, sustainable and democratic food system that is accessible to everyone.

Who/what are they fighting? Although food sovereignty activists are focused on creating an alternative model rather than fighting the existing reality, they are effectively combating corporate agribusiness by reclaiming and democratising food production.

How do they organise? The food sovereignty movement is a loose network of organisations and individuals, with inclusivity, transparency, and collaboration as core organisational tenets.

Success stories: Food sovereignty movement successes are a work of stealth, with cultural acceptance of new norms and practices creeping into society from the bottom up. Some organisations such as the Open Food Network are established on food sovereignty principles, while the steady growth in farmers’ markets, community gardening, and local food initiatives demonstrate widespread assimilation of food sovereignty principles.