Grass Roots Movements

La Via Campesina

Dec 14, 2023

Who are they? 200 million farmers, peasants, the landless dispossessed, and indigenous populations from 73 countries.

What do they want? Sovereignty, social justice and dignity.

The movement’s main goals are to establish food sovereignty, and put an end to the destructive neoliberal global trade best characterized in treaties such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The movement also defends women’s rights and gender equality against neoliberalism and patriarchy.

Who/what are they fighting? Corporate agribusiness, neoliberalism and patriarchy

How do they organise? In reflection of its political values, La Via Campesina is a decentralized movement that is organized at local and national levels, with one female and one male representative locally elected to represent each of the regions on the international coordinating committee.

Success stories: La Via Campesina is now recognized as a key global voice representing agroecology in dialogue around sustainable agriculture. The movement’s voice is heard by institutions such as the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the UN Human Rights Council.