Grass Roots Movements

Public Foundation “Zhassyl Azyk” (Общественный фонд “Жасыл Азык”)

Dec 14, 2023

More than 24 billion tons of soil is severely degraded each year, according to the UN. In Kazakhstan, soil degradation was posing a threat to livelihoods in agricultural areas. So five farming communities came together to restore degraded lands by sustainably growing alfalfa.

Alfalfa improves nutrient and water uptake within soil, counters the effects of chemical-heavy monoculture farming, and gives livestock an additional source of food. Overall, the approach has improved soil quality, boosted local incomes, created more than 200 jobs, and inspired the national government to implement a parallel national program.

It’s another example of how sustainable agriculture tends to improve the overall well-being of communities. Among other things the Public Foundation addresses “food security, land degradation, water scarcity, and adaptation to climate change.”